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4 Great and Fun Products for Your Dog

Whenever people get a pet dog, it is always vital to understand how to take care of them through various actions. It is also equal...

Dog Treats

Straight Bully Sticks for Dogs

4 Best Treats for Your Dog – Bully Sticks, Fruitables, & More


3 Healthy Human Foods to Feed Your Dog


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3 of the Best Products for Your Kitty


The past Mister Pet Online articles have been centered a lot on dogs. First we spoke about healthy human foods that can be fed to dogs. Then we spoke about great and fun products for dogs. We are sure you’ve begun to see a pattern here.

To other pet owners out there, this isn’t a slight to other pets. We aren’t biased for dogs. In fact, this article right here will prove you wrong!

Let us leave our canine companions and head towards our feline friends.

Cats are a very challenging pet to have. Other owners have experiences with cats that often lead them to describing their pets as very stubborn and saying that they only come to you when they need something.

This doesn’t mean that it is not possible to bond with your pet cat. However, it is challenging.

One way you can go about it though is to purchase some products that might make your relationship and bonding a whole lot easier.

Here are four of the best cat products that are great for the owners and pet cats.

Hamburger House

Cats love to cuddle into anything. When they feel like it of course. Owners often find them in small spaces. Why not provide them a small space already?

Enter the Modovo Hamburger Style Pet House. Its design is that of a hamburger with a small space in the middle for your kitty to crawl into. Once they are in there, they will be surrounded by its plush material and it will feel like the house is cuddling into them as well.

They can climb into the hamburger house from any side. Also, one great feature is that the plush material ensures that your kitty’s body heat is reflected back. He will be a warm cat.

The best part about it is that it is not hard to wash this product. All you have to do is detach both sides of the hamburger and wash them. It is an easy and comfortable luxury for your cat.

The Petcube

It is ideal for pet owners to always be with their pets. It is ideal, but it is not always possible. In today’s world, people are always busy with something. With the Petcube, you can keep tabs on your pet kitty all day.

In its essence, the Petcube is a camera that acts as sort of a surveillance unit for your cat. No matter where you are, you can watch your cat via your smartphone. The camera is a high definition wide angle lens. It also allows you to hear and be heard.

That isn’t all though. Apart from the camera, you can also talk and play with the cat.

One cool feature is the interactive laser built into it that you can control. Exercise your kitty by making him or her chase the laser. Control all the way from your office.

Tracking Collar

Cats love to go out and explore. While it is possible for some cats to be strictly house trained, it is just in their nature to find their way out of the house and come back when they feel like it.

Cat owners can relate to this problem. There are times when cats just vanish, and they have no idea where they have gone or when they will be back.

This unpredictability can be addressed with TabCat’s Tracking Collar. As the name suggests, the collar allows you to stay posted with the movements of your feline pet.

It is a GPS tracking collar and has a range of 400 feet. When you purchase it, you also get a handset that tells you where the cat is, guiding you to its destination. The handset tells you when you are getting closer or not with different colored lights.

Cats deserve just as much affection and love than dogs. The Mister Pet Online team believes that all pets deserve to be loved and spoiled. Keep a look out for more products ideal for your pet cats.

4 Animals You Didn’t Know Made Great Pets


People are often stuck up on the common set of pet animals. They are content with knowing cats and dogs.

At Mister Pet Online, we don’t only cater to cats and dogs. We cater to all kinds of animals that can be pets. The first thing we do is raise awareness about the fact that there some animals out there are ideal pet candidates.

In doing so, we raise the chances of these animals being adopted as pets.

Here are four animals you didn’t know made great pets.

Potbellied Pig

Potbellied Pig

If you’re thinking about the regular pigs you see in farms, then you are way off. Potbellied pigs are very different from pigs that grow up on farms.

The potbellied pig is a very small variety of the animal. It doesn’t grow to the size of what the farm pigs grow into, and that is an ideal situation if you want to make it a pet.

Apart from that, these potbellied pigs are very clean, smart, and they are trainable just like a dog.

In the same vein of their likeness to dogs, potbellied pigs also require the correct diet and exercise to live a full and enjoyable life. Ensure you walk them with a leash and that you choose the right foods for them. Most importantly, don’t overfeed them and make them obese.

One thing you should know though is that potbellied pigs crave attention. However, it doesn’t seem like a problem giving them attention because they are just so damn adorable.



Ferrets are frantic animals. Their energy levels are always through the roof. In fact, their energy levels don’t really have roofs form the amount of time they are so energetic.

This energy could be very enjoyable for the owner as well. For most of the time, they will want to be playing with you.

There are times though where you can train your ferret to stay calm. If you do so, their calm demeanor linked with their high energy levels will allow them to be a curious pet that will always entertain you no matter what they do.



You don’t have to be on a farm to have a pet chicken. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the country or even in an urban area. Chickens can be great pets if you have enough land to house them.

Chickens are very low maintenance. You don’t need to spend so much to feed them. All they eat are vegetable peels, bugs, pests, and bread. You can also make them your trash compactors by giving them some of your leftovers.

They are also great companions for your lawns. The fact that they eat bugs means that they can keep your lawn pest free.

If you have enough land too, you’ll be able to have eggs available to you all the time. That isn’t a bad trade off for the love and care you shower on your pet.



Chinchillas are basically rodents. This is probably the biggest reason why you didn’t think they could become pets.

However, the fact of the matter is they are just so cute. No wonder these critters came from South America to become pets for a family.

Apart from just looking at them though, they are a joy to hold. A single hair follicle on a chinchilla can grow up to 80 hairs. It will be some of the softest fur you have ever held.

Chinchillas are very low maintenance. You don’t need a lot of space and food to live. Moreover though, their clean nature and complete absence of body odor makes them an ideal pet candidate.

If dogs, cats, and fishes just aren’t your thing, there are a ton of other animals that can be made into pets. Pets are great to have. While they are a large commitment though, no matter what the animal, a committed pet owner will have as much benefits as their pets.

4 Best Treats for Your Dog – Bully Sticks, Fruitables, & More

Straight Bully Sticks for Dogs

In Mister Pet Online’s previous article, we spoke about healthy human foods you can feed your dog. The foods discussed there were purely from a nourishment standpoint. It covers basically everyday meals and snacks for your pet dog.

However, did you know that the treats you choose for specific activities needs to change? Case in point, dog training. When training, there is a need to feed your dog some treats.

Initially, treats were seen as very unnecessary when training a dog. In fact, trainers saw it as cheating before because the dogs did not really respect the trainer. It must also be stated though that a training approach without treats relied on some practices that people nowadays don’t agree with.

That is why treats became the go-to device for training your dogs. It was more humane and loving. The taboo of using dog treats faded away. Today, treats are used as motivators that will help ensure that the behaviors are enforced and stick in your dog’s brain.

Your choice of dog treat is important. It is important to select the most ideal treat for your dog. Here are three of the ideal treats to feed your dog while you train them.

Fruitables Training Treats

Fruitables Skinny Minis is a great treat that two great ingredients.

The first ingredient is apples. This serves as the base of the treat and is a healthy pick. The second ingredient is one that even humans like. It is bacon.

The addition of bacon into this treat ensures that any breed or type of dog will like it. No dog will be able to resist it. We at Mister Pet Online stand by it.

Apart from these though, the good thing about Fruitables Skinny Minis is that the treat is low in calories. No need to worry about your dog gaining weight and becoming obese.

You can select from a choice of chewy, crunchy, and soft treats. The best part of all is that the treat is healthy and may even help combat overeating.


Bully Sticks for Dogs & Puppies

Natural bully sticks are a great option for your canine. Bully sticks (aka pizzle sticks) are made in the USA or South America and are full of protein.

Dogs love the beefy flavor and hard texture. The chewing helps to clean off teeth and improve overall dog dental health.

They are a single ingredient treat that are bound to keep your dog busy and healthy.


Wellness Bites

Wellness Puppy Bites are a great treat due to their chewable nature. The teeth of puppies are not that strong yet, so we have to make sure to pick the best treat that will not hurt their teeth or affects its growth in the future.

This grain free treat uses salmon and lamb as ingredients. The former ingredient is rife with Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. If a dog has these two in its diet, their skin and hair will be looking shiny and good. If your dog has skin sensitivity, this will also help out.

The latter then has amino acids that will serve to boost your dog’s energy levels as well as protein levels.

Finally, the DHA from the treat will help improve the cognitive performance of your puppy. Training will be a breeze with Wellness Puppy Bites.


Wilderness Blue

The treat is called Wilderness Blue Buffalo Dog Treats. It is considered one of the best treats out in the market right now. As its base, it uses chicken.

This treat also has DHA, much like Wellness Puppy Bites. It also includes Omega 3 and 6 acids that keep your puppy’s energy levels up. Their skin is also left shiny and healthy.

This treat is also grain free. This is a good thing because dogs are most likely allergic to grains.

There are a great number of other dog treats in the market. Just find what works for you and your dog in training, and of course what fits the budget. We wish you well in your training endeavors.

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4 Great and Fun Products for Your Dog


Whenever people get a pet dog, it is always vital to understand how to take care of them through various actions. It is also equally important to understand what they can and cannot eat, as well as deciding on what the right dogfoods and treats are available and ideal for your dog.

However, a dog’s existence is not limited to being taken care of and eating. In reality, dogs are very affectionate creatures that deserve some love and even excitement in their lives! They are a very active pet that need to be stimulated to enjoy their day to day.

One good way to do this is buy purchasing some products for them. The usual products are the ball that people use for fetch or even something to chew on.

In this article though, we’ll cover other kinds of products that are not that common but definitely should be. They also include certain products that, while not really for the enjoyment of the dog, can help to you take care of them easier.

Here are three great and fun products that you can buy for you and your dog.

A Leash You Don’t Need to Hold

It is called a hands-free leash! This is a great item that dog owners can have. With this item, it means that you don’t have to constantly hold on to your dog. Regardless though, you’ll still be connected with them through the leash and there is no danger of losing them.

In addition, you’ll have your hands free for doing other things. You can now take your dog to the supermarket or grocery and not worry about not being able to carry around your shopping bags.

A Long Lasting Bully Stick Dog Treat

Bully Sticks are all natural and good for dogs and puppies. They are usually made in South America and are really long-lasting. Dogs all love them so give them a go! These are the best bully sticks that we’ve found.

A Ball that Talks

This toy is good for a dog that is very active. In fact, it is one of the best products out there for a hyperactive dog.

The product is called “Babble Ball”. When your pet dog touches the ball, it begins to talk and make animal sounds.

You won’t have to worry that this product could become a nuisance as it makes noises every so often. The technology in the ball makes it so it only talks when the pet is nearby.

The fact that you can play fetch with this ball and keep the dog occupied with all the different types of sounds and voices coming out of it will keep your dog preoccupied and happy.

The ball comes in various sizes and colors.

A Device to Improve Fetch

Dogs love fetch. It’s a fact! It is pretty easy to play fetch. Just throw a ball far.

You’re probably thinking you don’t need to buy any sort of product that could enhance the fetching experience. Well wait until you’ve heard about the Chuckit! This product is just a long stick where you can put the ball in and use to hurl the ball farther than ever.

There are some people out there who read this and think that it is a waste of money. In all actuality, the Chuckit doesn’t cost much.

Apart from that, the ability to throw the ball farther than you really can is valuable. In doing so, dogs get to run much farther and more often that by the end of your session, they will be calm and tired.

The team at Mister Pet Online supports a holistic dog life. They should be able to enjoy their day to day too. Be on the lookout for other products that your dog will enjoy. Your pets are family. They deserve some enjoyment.

3 Healthy Human Foods to Feed Your Dog


There are two camps with regards to feeding your dog. The first camp is the strict dogfood camp. These people only feed their dogs dogfood. The other camp is the one that feeds dogs human food, possibly because dogfood is a bit expensive. To be fair, feeding scraps is a bit more cost effective.

In general though, people have an impression that feeding dogs human food is weird and downright wrong. The fact of the matter is that it is simply not true. While there are good points to discover when feeding a dog only dogfood, we believe that you should feed dogs what is available to you.

There is no sense in buying dogs expensive dogfood if you don’t have the money to do so.

It must be stated though that feeding a dog human food is a tricky situation that must be done correctly. Some human foods are better than others, while some choices can be very healthy to the dog.

Without further ado, here are three of the best and healthiest human foods you can feed your pet dogs.



Can dogs eat carrots? Carrots are great sources of vitamin and fiber. They are not only an ideal snack for people, but for dogs as well.

This snack is also low in calories. A large quantity of these can be eaten without your pet dog gaining a tremendous amount of weight. It is also a good snack to offer dogs that will take care of their teeth well into the future. The eyesight of dogs is also improved from eating carrots.



Rocky Balboa ate three raw eggs a day, and he got to beat Apollo Creed! This isn’t just in the movies. It is true.

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein, riboflavin, and others as well. The best thing about it is you can offer it to your pet dog cooker or raw. No matter how you feed it to your dog, the health benefits are still present.

If you feed it to them raw, add a little bit of egg shells in there. For cooked eggs, make sure that you do not add much seasoning on it. Too much salt and pepper could be bad for your pet dog.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a staple for a reason. Now, it’s a staple for dogs too. This is one of the absolute best human foods you can feed your dog. It takes them quite a while to finish it, and they enjoy it the whole time.

Peanut butter has protein, vitamin B, vitamin E, and even essential healthy fats.

Just like the eggs, try and purchase peanut butter that is unsalted. Also make sure that there are no sugar substitutes in the peanut butter such as Xylitol. Failure to cater to these points could lead to your dog’s demise.

There are a lot of other human foods you can feed your dogs. For us here at Mister Pet Online, whatever you choose – whether it is dogfood or human food – just do your due diligence beforehand. Research on what kinds of food are good for your dog and what should be avoided. Also consult your dog’s veterinarian.

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