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Best Blogs for Pet Owners

Pets are an integral part of many a family’s lives. As such, people have devoted much time and discipline to taking care of pets.

At Mister Pet Online, we do our best to supplement the knowledge of people regarding the many types of foods, treats, and products that pet owners can and should get.

However, we understand that we are not the sole authority of all the pet information in the world. No organization or website has that power actually.

That is why it is best to find pieces of information from a wide variety of sources. Blogs are a great viable way of gathering information as well. They give access to different points of views and experiences that people can learn from.

The number of pet blogs has risen throughout the years. Here are a few blogs that pet owners can and should learn from.

Something Wagging

The blog is called “Something Wagging This Way Comes”. It is named in homage to Ray Bradbury’s 1962 fantasy novel called “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” Don’t worry though, this pet blog has no darkness and scariness involved.


This blog follows the life and adventures of Honey, the golden retriever, as well Honey’s owners. This family travels full time on sailboats throughout the east coast of America. In their journeys, they seek out dog attractions that Honey will love.

Apart from that, they also provide helpful tips and advice on how to train dogs. One such article series focuses on how to transform a calm dog into an adventurous one.

The Doggington Post

It’s like the Huffington Post, but for dogs! If you ever want to find anything about dogs, The Doggington Post is the blog for you.


Established in 2012, the post is a trusted online source for everything related to dogs. There are articles about pet health, training, and most importantly, stories today that are all about dogs.

Oh My Dog

Oh My Dog is much like Mister Pet Online. It includes review on a variety of products about pets. Maggie, the writer of Oh My Dog, also writes stories about the dogs that she takes care of, some projects she has done, as well as training tips.


These are only a few blogs that people can tune in to. However, the number of blogs is growing by the day. There are sure to be more pet blogs out there that people can read and study.