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3 of the Best Products for Your Kitty


The past Mister Pet Online articles have been centered a lot on dogs. First we spoke about healthy human foods that can be fed to dogs. Then we spoke about great and fun products for dogs. We are sure you’ve begun to see a pattern here.

To other pet owners out there, this isn’t a slight to other pets. We aren’t biased for dogs. In fact, this article right here will prove you wrong!

Let us leave our canine companions and head towards our feline friends.

Cats are a very challenging pet to have. Other owners have experiences with cats that often lead them to describing their pets as very stubborn and saying that they only come to you when they need something.

This doesn’t mean that it is not possible to bond with your pet cat. However, it is challenging.

One way you can go about it though is to purchase some products that might make your relationship and bonding a whole lot easier.

Here are four of the best cat products that are great for the owners and pet cats.

Hamburger House

Cats love to cuddle into anything. When they feel like it of course. Owners often find them in small spaces. Why not provide them a small space already?

Enter the Modovo Hamburger Style Pet House. Its design is that of a hamburger with a small space in the middle for your kitty to crawl into. Once they are in there, they will be surrounded by its plush material and it will feel like the house is cuddling into them as well.

They can climb into the hamburger house from any side. Also, one great feature is that the plush material ensures that your kitty’s body heat is reflected back. He will be a warm cat.

The best part about it is that it is not hard to wash this product. All you have to do is detach both sides of the hamburger and wash them. It is an easy and comfortable luxury for your cat.

The Petcube

It is ideal for pet owners to always be with their pets. It is ideal, but it is not always possible. In today’s world, people are always busy with something. With the Petcube, you can keep tabs on your pet kitty all day.

In its essence, the Petcube is a camera that acts as sort of a surveillance unit for your cat. No matter where you are, you can watch your cat via your smartphone. The camera is a high definition wide angle lens. It also allows you to hear and be heard.

That isn’t all though. Apart from the camera, you can also talk and play with the cat.

One cool feature is the interactive laser built into it that you can control. Exercise your kitty by making him or her chase the laser. Control all the way from your office.

Tracking Collar

Cats love to go out and explore. While it is possible for some cats to be strictly house trained, it is just in their nature to find their way out of the house and come back when they feel like it.

Cat owners can relate to this problem. There are times when cats just vanish, and they have no idea where they have gone or when they will be back.

This unpredictability can be addressed with TabCat’s Tracking Collar. As the name suggests, the collar allows you to stay posted with the movements of your feline pet.

It is a GPS tracking collar and has a range of 400 feet. When you purchase it, you also get a handset that tells you where the cat is, guiding you to its destination. The handset tells you when you are getting closer or not with different colored lights.

Cats deserve just as much affection and love than dogs. The Mister Pet Online team believes that all pets deserve to be loved and spoiled. Keep a look out for more products ideal for your pet cats.

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