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4 Best Treats for Your Dog – Bully Sticks, Fruitables, & More

Straight Bully Sticks for Dogs

In Mister Pet Online’s previous article, we spoke about healthy human foods you can feed your dog. The foods discussed there were purely from a nourishment standpoint. It covers basically everyday meals and snacks for your pet dog.

However, did you know that the treats you choose for specific activities needs to change? Case in point, dog training. When training, there is a need to feed your dog some treats.

Initially, treats were seen as very unnecessary when training a dog. In fact, trainers saw it as cheating before because the dogs did not really respect the trainer. It must also be stated though that a training approach without treats relied on some practices that people nowadays don’t agree with.

That is why treats became the go-to device for training your dogs. It was more humane and loving. The taboo of using dog treats faded away. Today, treats are used as motivators that will help ensure that the behaviors are enforced and stick in your dog’s brain.

Your choice of dog treat is important. It is important to select the most ideal treat for your dog. Here are three of the ideal treats to feed your dog while you train them.

Fruitables Training Treats

Fruitables Skinny Minis is a great treat that two great ingredients.

The first ingredient is apples. This serves as the base of the treat and is a healthy pick. The second ingredient is one that even humans like. It is bacon.

The addition of bacon into this treat ensures that any breed or type of dog will like it. No dog will be able to resist it. We at Mister Pet Online stand by it.

Apart from these though, the good thing about Fruitables Skinny Minis is that the treat is low in calories. No need to worry about your dog gaining weight and becoming obese.

You can select from a choice of chewy, crunchy, and soft treats. The best part of all is that the treat is healthy and may even help combat overeating.


Bully Sticks for Dogs & Puppies

Natural bully sticks are a great option for your canine. Bully sticks (aka pizzle sticks) are made in the USA or South America and are full of protein.

Dogs love the beefy flavor and hard texture. The chewing helps to clean off teeth and improve overall dog dental health.

They are a single ingredient treat that are bound to keep your dog busy and healthy.


Wellness Bites

Wellness Puppy Bites are a great treat due to their chewable nature. The teeth of puppies are not that strong yet, so we have to make sure to pick the best treat that will not hurt their teeth or affects its growth in the future.

This grain free treat uses salmon and lamb as ingredients. The former ingredient is rife with Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. If a dog has these two in its diet, their skin and hair will be looking shiny and good. If your dog has skin sensitivity, this will also help out.

The latter then has amino acids that will serve to boost your dog’s energy levels as well as protein levels.

Finally, the DHA from the treat will help improve the cognitive performance of your puppy. Training will be a breeze with Wellness Puppy Bites.


Wilderness Blue

The treat is called Wilderness Blue Buffalo Dog Treats. It is considered one of the best treats out in the market right now. As its base, it uses chicken.

This treat also has DHA, much like Wellness Puppy Bites. It also includes Omega 3 and 6 acids that keep your puppy’s energy levels up. Their skin is also left shiny and healthy.

This treat is also grain free. This is a good thing because dogs are most likely allergic to grains.

There are a great number of other dog treats in the market. Just find what works for you and your dog in training, and of course what fits the budget. We wish you well in your training endeavors.

Infographic by: dogingtonpost.com

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